Our Vision: Travel made easy for all

Transit is important to a growing county

Snohomish County is growing, and transportation options are changing as well. Light rail is extending north into the county and Community Transit is planning our future transit network.

Local residents now have new options for traveling to Seattle and beyond. Buses from all over the county connect to Sound Transit 1 Line (Link) light rail at Northgate.

These connections also make it easier for King County residents to work and travel in Snohomish County.

In 2024, new light rail stations will open in Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace and Lynnwood, making travel throughout the Puget Sound region easier for all.

How will you get around in the future?

As Community Transit prepares for a growing population and new regional connections, we want to provide more service and the best possible travel options based on community feedback.

We asked for your feedback as we prepared to connect our buses to light rail at Northgate. In fall 2021, we asked for your feedback to redesign our 2024 transit network as light rail moves into our county.

Over the next two years you will have additional opportunities to give us your thoughts on:

  • How we can make transit easier to use as we prepare for light rail coming to our county in 2024.
  • How we design our transit future from 2025 through 2050.

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Your Vision: Road map to your transit future

Share your transit ideas in more ways than one

Light rail's arrival to Snohomish County in 2024 is a unique opportunity to restructure our local bus network, offering the possibility of more frequent buses, new routes and expanded service hours.

Last fall we shared ideas about changes to the local transit network, and you gave us your feedback.

We will use your feedback to design a proposed network for 2024 transit service and ask for your input on this draft proposal in 2022. We will also keep a record of our progress on this website so you can see how community feedback helps us plan our transit service.

This year, we will also ask for your feedback on your vision for transit in Snohomish County for the longer-term future. We will take your comments and come back to you with detailed plans for how travel can be made easy from 2025 through 2050.

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Community Transit bus entering a stop at a light rail station.
Your voice matters! Your input helps to shape the future of transit service.


Your input will help design our future

There are many changes planned for Community Transit in the next couple of years, and you will have a say in shaping that transit future. Below is a timeline of milestones and input opportunities that will affect how you get around for decades to come



  • Outreach to riders about Northgate bus-light rail connection.
  • Outreach to transit and city partners about ideas for the 2024 network plan.


  • Northgate light rail extension opened; Community Transit and Sound Transit buses began serving Northgate Station.
  • Public feedback opportunity: You shared your transit values and priorities for the 2024 network plan.



  • Public feedback opportunity: Share your thoughts on the needs for the future of transit through Community Transit's 2025-2050 Long Range Plan.


  • Outreach to transit and city partners about the draft 2024 network plan.
  • Public feedback opportunity: Share your thoughts on the Draft 2024 network plan.
  • Construction begins on Swift Orange Line.


  • Public feedback opportunity: See how your input informed an updated version of Community Transit's 2025-2050 Long Range Plan, and again provide your feedback.


  • Community Transit Board of Directors considers the final 2024 network plan. Once approved, changes will take place in 2023 and 2024.



  • Community Transit Board of Directors approves the final 2025-2050 Long Range Plan. The agency will use the plan to guide service and capital growth through 2050.
  • Beginning of route changes for 2024 network.*


  • Continue route changes for 2024 network.*



  • Continue route changes for 2024 network.*
  • Swift Orange Line starts service.


*Between 2023 -2024, we will make changes to our routes in phases. Future changes are expected through 2026 to continue improving connections with light rail and our new services.